Power Plate FAQs

Q1.That thing looks restrictive,is it?
When searching for restrictions, you must first look at the most restrictive piece in a system. When it comes to our turbo buicks the most restrictive piece is the throttle body. The Power Plate by itself out flows even the huge 70mm throttle bodies by 50%.With the stock plenum the Power Plate utalizes all of the ports instead of trying to force most of the charge through the back two ports . Because of this, total airflow through the manifold is actually increased !!

Here are some solid flow percentages. The stock plenum and t.b without a power plate as a baseline.

Q2.Why the funny shaped triangles, why not ovals?
There is no reason for the triangle shaped openings, that is what the plate evolved to. Air flow dynamics is very complicated. What you think would work does not. These are the shapes that the plate has to be. The goal is to make a plate that distributes the air evenly to all cylinders and have the largest open area posable, which means more flow and less restriction. Our smallest plate’s open area has 211% the area of a stock tb not including the throttle plate. So as you can see we achieved our goal

Q3. How thick is the plate? What is it made of?
The plate is made from 6061 T6 aircraft quality aluminum and is 1/8″ thick.

Q4. Do I need to change the mounting hardware to run the plate? Will it affect clearances?
It was designed to use the existing hardware and/or stock hardware. Because it is only 1/8″ thick it does not change clearances enough to cause any problems. Even when using the precision plenum which locates the T.B. 5/8″ higher the hood clears no problem.

Q5. Can you make me one for the Hemco Plenum?
No, because the opening is already so small, it is impassable to manipulate the airflow in that small area.

Q6. Can I run my plenum spacer with a plate?
Because of the wide assortment of spacers available to us it would be impassable for me to test each and every thickness of spacer. The spacer does affect the how the air flows through the plate so the flow distribution is hard to predict. In other words, not if you want it to work properly.

Q7. I have a Jay Jackson modified plenum will this work with a stock style plate?
Yes as long as there has been no shaping of the back wall of the stock plenum.

Q8. Will my EGR function with the plate?
Yes you can, The plate is made so that you have a choice of weather or not you need egr function. If you need it just follow the instructions in the kit. (it is very simple)

Q9. What if I have milled off the EGR tower inside the lower intake manifold, will that effect the flow?
We have found that it really does not affect the distribution much. with or without the plate. The flow path before the plate is what is critical to the distribution.

Any more questions you can e-mail or call Jason Cramer

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