RJC Airflow Distribution Power Plate

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RJC APDDS Power PlateThis plate is like a plenum spacer. Its purpose is to evenly distribute airflow to all cylinders through the intake manifold and not to add volume to the upper plenum like all previous spacers that do nothing. After extensive research and testing we have a profile that maximizes flow to all cylinders.

This piece is 1/8″ thick. It uses all the stock fastening hardware. It simply bolts on with nothing more to modify. We designed this plate on a 2000 CFM airflow generator. We measure the actual airflow at the valve opening. Something like this plate or upper plenums CANNOT be designed on a flow bench. They must be designed duplicating what is actually happening inside the manifold under boost. This is exactly what we have done and that is why our plate works so good.

After market plenums like the Kenny Bell, Precision and Acufab do not distribute airflow evenly either. We have developed a plate for each of these plenums. We could not use the stock power plate as they flow differently than the stock plenum. We have found that although the Hemco plenum is better than stock it does not distribute the air even either. There is no way you can distribute the flow evenly with a square hole, period. We can not correct the Hemco plenums. They have to small of open area to manipulate the incoming air. The Hemco reduces the high/low cylinder airflow differential but actually makes the middle two cylinders the leanest. These middle two have shared head bolts, this is not the most ideal situation to say the least.

I have personally gone 9.96 @ 134 with the ADPPP and a precision plenum on my stock block TSM legal 3610lb car. Dave Bamford and Roy Garcia have both gone 9.5s @ 142 with Airflow Distribution Power Plates with TSM legal Turbo Regals.

The number 1 and 2 qualifiers in the TSM class at the 2002 GS Nats. were both running RJC A. D. Power Plates. Now most of the cars in the TSM series race are running one.

RJC Airflow Distribution Plate

All new Airflow Distribution Plate for the BGC intakes. Unlike the other plates incorperates a 1″ spacer. This is specifically designed for 1000+ HP applications. It’s 3 dimensional design makes this plate distribute airflow within 1% and actually flows 6% better than an open manifold. Be prepaired to add more fuel to your fuel tables. This will include an o-ring groove and an o-ring for sealing and longer stainless hardware..


Includes two Plenum gaskets,
Power plate & Detailed instructions.
Price; $199.00


 Power plates for all the different Plenums

RJC Stock Plenum ADPPS

Stock Plenum
Price; $65.00








K.B. / Acufab Plenum
Price; $65.00








RJC Precision Plenum ADPPPRJC-#ADPPP
Precision Plenum
Price; $65.00








Champion Intake
Plenum Plenum
Price; $99.00







BGC Intake & Plenum
(Bowling Green Customs Intakes)
Price; $199.00







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