RJC Racing Deep Sump Oil Pans

These new oil pans have all the features of a stock pan plus these exciting new features 1-1/4″ DEEPER OIL SUMP; This increases the oil capacity 50% This will increase the capacity from the stock 5 to approximately 7.5 quarts. (Combine this with our “Biggie” oil filter and you have 8 qt capacity) The oil is the life blood of your engine. Once you start modifying your car and making more HP the bearing loads and rpm increase. Up until now there was no way to match the increased requirements on your oiling system with the increase in engine performance. Oil capacity and pressure are the two most important aspects in engine durability. Up until now there were no alternatives to the stock oil capacity.

External Drain Bung
External Drain BungThe stock pan has the oil drain bung on the inside of the pan. This bung is approximately 3/8″ high. Because of this when changing the oil the last 3/8″ of oil never gets drained out of the pan. If the motor ever has any kind of failure all of the contamination is trapped in this area at the  bottom of the pan because of this bung. We have changed this and mount the bung on the outside of the pan. This will allow all of the oil and contaminants to drain out of the pan when changing the oil. You will be forewarned of any hint of problems in the motor just by visually checking the oil during an oil change.

Billet Aluminum Pickup Tube Extension
Billet Aluminum Pickup Tube ExtensionThis will place the pickup precisely where you need it to take advantage of the deeper sump without the aggravating chore of splicing, indexing and welding the pickup tube. This simply bolts on with nothing more to do. Two lengths are available depending on weather or not the motor is equipped with an engine girdle

Stiffening Flange
Stiffening FlangeThe stock pan has a stiffening Bracket around the mounting flange. This is a great idea and we incorporated this feature with our pans as well. This will eliminate flange distortion when tightening the bolts securing the pan.

Oil Baffle Plate
Oil Baffle PlateThe stock pan has a oil baffle plate inside the pan that does a great job of keeping the oil where it needs to be (around the pickup) without restricting oil drainage to the sump. Since the stock system works so good we have also incorporated this plate in our pans.

Gold Zink Plating
This creates a durable long lasting rust resistant finish inside and out. Really makes the pans look nice!

Sump Modification
The problem in the past when you had you stock pan’s sump extended reveals itself when you go to install the motor in the chassis with the pan installed on the motor. the motor gets wedged in the chassis, with the front of the pan sump area touching on the crossover and the locating pins on the bell housing flange of the block hitting on the face of the tranny bell housing. Although it is hard to see in the picture we have addressed this problem as well by moving the front wall of the sump back approximately 1/2″. This allows for the engine to be placed in the chassis without any interference or problems.

Anti Gasket Crush Boss Deletion
Anti Gasket Crush Boss DeletionNotice on the stock pan how it has all of those bosses or “bumps” on the pan gasket surface? Because of these bosses, the pan gaskets had to have holes to accommodate them. This made the gaskets highly prone to oil leaks. This design had it’s place with a stock pan and old style gaskets that were prone to splitting if to much force was applied to the fasteners during installation. This is not the most ideal surface to try and seal to. Because of the advancements in gasket materials recently this feature is no longer desirable. We have designed our pans to not have these bosses. We have also designed an industrial grade gasket without the crush holes. This high quality gasket is designed specifically to work with our pans and our engine girdles. Oil leaks are no longer an issue.

Deep sump oil pan 20 bolt blocks 1985-89 with pickup tube ext.
Price; $269.00

Industrial Grade Pan Gasket
Price; $22.00

Deep sump oil pan 14 bolt blocks 84-earlier with pickup tube ext.
Price; $269.00 | Available Now!

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