There has always been a problem with the valve cover leaking. Whether you have the stock or the aftermarket valve covers, it is a continuous problem. That is, until now! Introducing the new RJC Valve Cover Gaskets.

These are designed from the same super heavy duty industrial grade cork the our oil pan gaskets are made from  but we make them even thicker. How thick? Nearly twice as thick as any other valve cover gasket at 3/16″! Since they are made from the RJC exclusive industrial grade cork, you can not split them! Super and absorbs any amount of irregular surface for a leak free connection. We designed and made them our selves from a clean sheet of paper. The patter is designed to fit the stock valve cover perfectly without any trimming. These are still robust and contoured to fit after market valve covers perfectly as well. These will be the standard, must have gasket from here on out.


Price $29/pair




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