ARP Bolt Kits

ARP Bolt MainARP manufactures fasteners from a wide assortment of materials ranging from popular stainless steel and 8740 chrome moly to exotic alloys that have been developed to handle space travel. You should also know that there are grades within specific alloys. Nothing will create a more solid connection than ARP studs
For example, 8740 is available in four grades:
1. SDF (guaranteed seamless and defect free)

ARP Front Timing Cover and Waterpump Bolt Kit

This kit is unavailable elsewhere, RJC has taken the time to comprise a complete stainless hex water pump and front cover bolt kit. This kit is complete with every bolt that holds the front cover and water pump on. It even has the two bolts for the mechanical oil pump block off plate. Saves allot of time and money trying to find these individually.


Timing Waterpump Bolt








ARP Front Cover Bolt Set
6pt Price; $89.00 / 12pt Price; $89.00

ARP Matching Intake Manifold Bolt Set
6pt Price; $79.00 / 12pt Price; $79.00



ARP Stainless Pulley Bolt Kit

This is a complete stainless, hex flange head, bolt kit that includes: crank pulley bolts, water pump pulley bolts and idler pulley bolt. All bolts match our front cover bolt set exactly.

Pulley Bolt Kit
Price; $39.00

Pulley Bolt Kit Stainless Socket Head Cap Screw (allen Head)
Price; $29.00



Balancer Bolt Kit

This balancer bolt kit is specifically designed for the Turbo Buick. it has a 1/2″ Square drive in the front of it to make turning over the engine a snap. This is another hard to find item and truly a must have.


Balancer Bolt Kit
Price; $55.00




Flywheel Bolt Kit
#ARP-FWB Price; $36.00



Torque converter Bolt Kit
Price; $26.00



Cam Gear Bolt Kit
Price; $16.00


3″Long Stock GM Metric Threads Wheel Stud Kit
#ARP-WS (pic coming soon)
Price; $119.00/set of 10


Head Studs

These ARP head studs are the latest design and feature an recessed Allen head socket at the end of each stud for easy removal/installation with the motor in the car. With this new feature there is no reason to use bolts over studs. Studs offer significantly more thread engagement than bolts and have significantly more clamping force than bolts. These combined with our bullet proof head gaskets ensure you have the toughest head seal available. There is simple nothing that even comes close to the durability of this combo. We stock the studs that fit the stock heads only. Others are available through us on a custom order.

Head Studs
#ARP-HStuds-109 stock block stock iron heads Price; $139.00

#ARP-HStuds-109GN1 stock block Champion Aluminum heads 8 bolt Price; $149.00

#ARP-HStuds-S2GN1 Stage block Champion Aluminum heads 14 bolt Price; $249.00

#ARP-HStuds-TTA stock Turbo Trans Am block stock TTA iron heads Price; $189.00

Head Studs

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