RJC Racing Boost Controller

boost controller

The factory boost control system consists of the WG actuator, and WG solenoid, connected together with the factory orifice “Y”. The WG solenoid is basically a bleeder controlled by the computer that pulses to lower the pressure inside the vacuum line going to the WG actuator. Bleeding the pressure makes the manifold pressure go up because the WG actuator is not as open as it would be if full pressure was being applied to the WG actuator. The lower the pressure on the WG actuator makes the WG Puck less open and more exhaust is directed through the turbine wheel increasing the boost. (gage shown is an oil pressure gage for the turbo, nothing to do with the boost controller)
The RJC boost controller works totally different from the factory set up. you run the vacuum line from the turbos compressor through the controller directly to the WG actuator eliminating the factory “Y” and the WG solenoid. (leave it plugged in electrically to a avoid check engine light). You set the WG rod so you have to pull it out 1/8″ to hook it on the pin. And leave it. An adjustable WG actuator is not necessarily needed as this is about the factory setting. This allows the controller to have full swing of the actuator. The RJC controller blocks the boost pressure until what ever point you set it at. If you adjust to 15# it does not let any air through it until 15#. then it opens lets full pressure through to open the WG actuator. if it drops below the 15#. then it closes again.
Why this helps;Spool time,From the factory the waste gate actuator is very progressive. If you have your boost set at 15lbs. the waste gate puck begins to open at 3-5lbs. It then opens more as the boost increases until it is fully open at 15lbs.With our boost controller it is no longer progressive. The actuator does not see any pressure until the controller lets it. This means when you set the boost at 15lbs the actuator stays shut until 15lbs then it fully opens. This greatly reduces turbo lag, makes part throttle boost much more responsive and allows you to run a little bit larger turbo than you normally could with the converter you are running. This mod is not just for race cars. Because the controller makes the turbo respond quicker the car “feels” allot stronger. It basically feels like you have added 50 more hp when all you have done is better manage and apply the boost you have been wasting.Boost control, The factory boost control system on a Buick is adequate for stock hp and boost levels. When upping the boost in search for more hp we run into a problem. Once we have shortened the rod to achieve 20 plus pounds of boost, the actuator is shortened to the point it has little travel left so now when the load is high in 3rd gear the actuator can not open and the boost creeps up.  By letting our boost controller control the amount of boost the waste gate actuator sees boost creep is literally eliminated.

RJC #BCBoost Controller Price; $65.00

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