RJC Racing Valve Cover Extensions

RJC Valve Cover InstalledThese were designed to allow the use of all types of roller rockers with the stock valve covers. They can be used with stock and after market heads.

Made from billet 6061-t6 air craft quality aluminum. The outer and inner perimeter is cut using a state of the art water jet cut machine. The mounting holes are CNC machined. They are 3/8 of an inch thick.

The problem with the aftermarket valve covers out there is once they have made them taller to clear the roller rockers you can’t install them in the car. they won’t fit between the A/C and the top of the rockers. They also do not have the gasket retention grooves so you have to juggle the gasket underneath them. They are a huge Pain in the A$$ to install and work with.




These work really great with Champion GN1 heads, just silicone them to the heads and forget about them.” I have had the valve covers off of my heads at least a half dozen times with no problems, in fact, I did not even know they were there” Jason Cramer.

Grinding of the valve cover mounting hole bosses on the inside of the cover might be required.

RJC Valve Cover Extensions
Price; $119.00/Set

Longer Bolts Now Included

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