ALKY Control Injection

ALKY Control KitAlcohol injection should be manditory in any forced induction application. The two work so well together I would not own a forced induction car without one of these alcohol injection kits on it. It suppresses detonation so well it is like having a full tank of race gas at all times. Have you ever had an encounter where it left you saying ” I wish I had some race gas in my tank and I would have stomped him…” Well now you can have that confidence at all times with this state of the art Alky Control Razor alcohol injection kit.




NEW!! Weatherpack Connectors – One watertight connection from harness to tank!
NEW!! METAL PRESSURE SWITCH – On pump output -connected to “Spray On” lite to assure you have line pressure when lite is on.
NEW!! HIGHER PRESSURE COATED PUMP!!! 250 psi + for the utmost in atomization.
NEW!! TANK AIR VENT FILTER- Lets air in as alcohol is used, but no dirt. NEW!! 250 psi
PRESSURE GUAGE – Allows for easy system testing or troubleshooting. 1/2
GALLON TANK – a very heavy duty, plastic tank that makes a perfect alcohol reservoir! It has a wide mouth for easy filling & very heavy duty threads, and a filtered air vent. 3″x6″x9″


Buick 86/87 Components as shown:

PAC Progressive Controller | Price; $249.00
Modified Pump (for methanol) | Price; $160.00
Inline Filter Assembly | Price; $35.00
Braided Hoses Pre-Assembled | Price; $63.00
Misting Nozzle | Price; $35.00
GM Reservoir with Low Level | Price; $155.00
Pump Fittings | Price; $8.00
Harness, Loom, Connectors, Ties | Price; $15.00
Mini-Overflow Tank | Price; $35.00
3 Bar MAP Sensor | Price; $75.00

Total Price; $830.00
Complete Kit Price: Includes instructions/tuning tips 1 year parts/labor warranty.
We sell only complete kits above price are to show value when purchasing whole kit.

RAZOR ProgressiveAlcohol Injection with out 3 Bar Map Sensor Kit/Buick Turbo Regal Single Nozzle
Price; $680.00

RAZOR ProgressiveAlcohol Injection With 3 Bar Map Sensor Kit/Buick Turbo Regal Single Nozzle
Price; $755.00


Return Policy

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