RM plug wires

Yes they are back. these talor made plug wires made by Russ Merrit for us are the ultimate set of wires for your turbo regal. We start with custom 8.5mm super low resistance MSD plug wires. Use the Upgraded Plug and coil pack terminal ends and custom cut them for the perfect fit. then we attach the custom plug wire identifier to each plug and loom them together. all you have to do is plug them in. the fit is perfect. The look is super clean. If you are serious about how your plug wires look, fit and perform these are a must.


Denso stock replacement economy wires

Denso plug wires



Denso O2 sensor

Denso O2 sensor

Direct factory replacement. These Denso O2 sensors are highly resistant to lead fouling, they last and last. The best solution to replacing your factory O2. We use them exclusively here at RJC because they are the best!



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