RJC Racing Stock Block Head Clamp

Head Clamps 1The most common problem with these Turbo Buicks is head gasket failure. After finding a cure for head gasket failure, Our “Bullet Proof Head Gasket Kit” we discovered that with high horse power levels the heads will actually lift allowing cylinder pressure to escape past the gaskets. Because of our head gasket kit the gaskets no longer failed. We still needed to address the problem of too little clamping force.

We now have a solution for problem as well with the “Stock Block Head Clamp, part # RJC-SBHC”. Designed to utilize the unused outer bolt holes on both 14 and 8 bolt GN1 heads on a stock block. On paper the RJC-SBHC increases overall clamping force 20%. Our real world testing showed that they significantly increase clamping load allowing much higher cylinder pressure before gasket failure. There are no down sides to these. They simply work great.

Because of the design of the ATR/Kenne Bell headers these head clamps do not work with them. The are compatible with stock and most of the other types of after market headers available today including Poston, Houston and the new T/A performance headers. You have to grind the flanges of the headers like you would if you were running a head bolt in this location.

This is a bolt on item, Shown is our new and much improved aircraft aluminum head clamps. These are totally redesigned to have greater holding strength and easier installation.

Stock Block Head Clamp
Price; $329.00/Kit

Head Clamp 2

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