3″ Single to Dual Cross Flow

This exhaust system is similar to a system ATR made when they were in business a long time ago. This 304 Stainless system is made by a local company in limited quantities. They approached RJC to see if we had any “filler” work that they could do in between jobs. They did an excellent job making these. We were tired of all the drowning associated with most 3″ systems. We designed and made this muffler to sit in the stock location and is a straight through design with the passenger side tail pipe handling the expansion gasses. This eliminates the drone yet still lets people know you have something under the hood.

RJC Racing 3inch Exhaust

It emits a very unique quality sound. The system took us a while to get everything just right with perfect sound, fit and looks. This system also flows very very well. Flows well enough that opening a dump on a mid 10 second car yields no gain. That is saying a lot. Comes with instructions and stainless u-bolt 360 Deg guillotine style clamps.

RJC Racing 3inch Exhaust

Note: There is a huge difference between 409 and 304 stainless. 409 is just barely better than mild steel and will still rust. 304 stainless is medical/culinary grade stainless and will never rust, tarnish or discolor due to corrosive elements.

RJC 3inch Exhaust
Single to dual cross flow, expansion exhaust system. IN STOCK NOW
Price; $749.00

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