There are alot of “Chinese Knock Off’s” that are similar LOOKING to the RJC Megacooler. Let us assure you it is not even close to the same. It is not the same size, shape, or core design and of course as with most China parts the quality of the Metallurgy is very poor. Their lack of technology and quality control at the foundry’s introduces alot of contamination. Do not be fooled. Our cores have been extensively tested and although other intercoolers may look the same from the little pictures on the net, they are not.  You will get what you pay for. If you do happen to purchase one of these “knock offs” do yourself a favor and pressure test it for leaks. Don’t expect to get a refund though.   Our proprietary cores are purchased from an American manufacture, We weld the end tanks using a jig we built here at RJC Racing. China manufactures are very good at making something “look like”. Might we remind you our customer that you get what you pay for. “The bitterness of poor quality last long after the sweetness of the great price”

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IC-315XTF $1095
$995 (Special)
IC-475XTF $1295
PTE-SLIC $1495 (stock location)

We have 5 different intercoolers for the Turbo regals please click the links to the left for more information on each of them.

Intercooler Pipes 1RJC Intercooler InstalledIntercooler Pipes 2

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