IC-475-XTF Megacooler

RJC IC475 MegacoolerThis new intercooler is designed specifically for “Race Only” applications. At just under 4.6″ thick this is the largest intercooler made for the Turbo Buick period. Designed specifically for 8 second cars. Anyone running low 9s on down need to consider this intercooler.These pictures do not do this intercooler justice. It is MAMMOTH, Just look at my car on the upper right side. We have taken the technology from our new IC-315 XTF and produced a new Tube and fin style IC-475XTF. This is available in true 4″ inlet and outlet or our Trumpet 4″ inlet and outlet that is 4″ at the opening and then necks down to match the end tank as it enters the endtank. The inside dia of the trumpet 4″ is still larger than our older 3″ inlet versions. There is simply nothing that even compares to this intercooler out there. It is incredible. Both are direct bolt in, no cutting or modifying to get it to fit.

#IC-475-XTF/IC-475-4XTF Megacooler
Includes black anodized finished pipes, hoses and clamps.
Price; $1325.00

#IC-475-XTF/IC-475-4XTF Megacooler with polished pipes
Includes polished mirror finished pipes,
hoses and clamps.
Price; $1345.00

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