new adjustable Stage Right 1-2 servo. adjust the back lash on the 2nd gear band. rid your Trans of the mushy 1-2 shift. makes 2nd gear band last longer by having fine adjustment. compensate for wear on transmissions that have stone miles in them.

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Ultimate 200r4 shift kit


prevents and corrects:
slide 1-2 shift.
shifts too early.
shifts too late.
3rd gear clutch failure.
2-3 cutloose. rough down shift.
lockup too early.
unlocks too easy.

kit includes all parts, gaskets, and detailed instructions. even comes with patented boot strap throttle valve system. (eliminates pressure loss)
Suggested retail $149.

Price $119.00



Stage Right Mechanical Trans Brake for the 200R4

This enables you to have a trans brake with the 200r4 trans.  Simply shift into 1st gear and the trans brake is on holding the car in place. Shifting into second or any of the other forward gears releases the brake for wheel yanking launches. you can build and launch with any amount of boost without any trouble holding the car back on the line. Very reliable kit. has been on all of our cars for over 10 years now with no adverse affects on the trans. Simply a must have item.

kit includes all parts, gaskets, and detailed instructions.
Suggested retail $169.

Price $149.00

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