RJC Racing Rear Motor Brace

RJC Rear Motor BraceThis is a brand new idea from RJC Racing. This will keep the motor in place on those hard launches. Everyone knows how much these motors move around with the stock motormounts. The old remedy was to put a tyedown strap on the alternator bracket to try and tame the engine rotation a little. This is totally inadequate and a very poor way of controlling the motor. This new bracket controls the motor from the rear of the engine. Therefore elimination harmfull rotational stress on the motor and transfering that energy where it is supposed to go. They simply work great. above shows a picture of how they are mounted. 100% bolt on. no drilling required. We now offer a HD version that is made from thicker material for the super high HP applications.

Price; $99/$119 HD version

RJC Rear Motor Brace InstalledRJC Racing Rear Motor Brace Installed. Please Note; prototype is shown installed to the left. Production units look like the picture above.

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