RJC Racing Gaskets

Header Head Flange

Due to the overwhelming success of our other milam gaskets.,we use the same MILAM Laminate PSS130 material on this gasket. This gasket goes between the head and header. We specifically designed this gasket to provide a leak proof seal. These gaskets have larger ports for ported aluminum heads but are not too big so they will work with stock unported iron heads. They are clearanced for all head bolt holes even stage 2 bolts so they do not get in the way when retorqueing the head bolts.

RJC Racing Milam HHF GasketThe Milam material header head flange gaskets work best with ported aluminum heads. The port holes match “R” ported heads exactly. Again this adds up to the ultimate gasket.

Set of 2
Price; $55.00





Head Flange 1400 GasketPictured at top is the Felpro1400 series, they work with stock as well as ported heads.

Price; $49.00 a set






Turbo Gaskets

Turbo GasketWe use MILAM Laminate PSS130 material. Although this is very expensive it is extremely good at sealing pressurized turbo exhaust systems. It is rated for a continuous service temperature of 1832 Deg F. and  130 PSI. Compressibility is 15% and a recovery of 55%. It also features a .004 Stainless Tang insert core.

Available in both P and Q trim versions

#RJC-DPg-Q and #RJC-DPg-P
Price; $22.00

Turbo Header GasketTurbo Header Gasket

This 3 bolt Milam gasket goes between the Turbo and the header. We specifically designed this gasket to provide a leak proof seal. Most other gaskets even the copper ones leak at this junction. 2 versions available. .63 turbine .83 turbine #RJC-3BHg $20.00

Crossover Gasket

ATR Crossover Gasket

This gasket/spacer goes between the flanges of the ATR/Kenne Bell V-Band style crossover header connections. This fixes the problematic leak with those style of flanges. Made from 304 Stainless Steel These will never warp or wear out. Laser cut and precision ground for a perfect seal.
#RJC-XOg $22.00/set

Head Flange 1200 GasketFelpro 1200 Intake Manifold Gasket

Felpro 1200 intake manifold gasket. for heads with big ports. works best with aluminum heads but can be used with iron heads also.

#FP-1200 $49.00


Valve Cover Gasket Set
We now make an amazing extra thick custom valve cover gasket. no one made a good one so we designed some and now make them in house. They are 3/16″ thick. Industrial grade cork. These are so good we made a seperate page just for them. look for them and more details on the main pull down page.


Valve Cover Gasket Set #RJC-VCg
Price; $29.00

RJC Valley Pan GasketFelpro Valley Pan Gasket Set Kith with End Seals #FP-VPANg
Price; $49.00

Oil Pan Gaskets

Oil GasketWe make 4 different styles;
RJC 20 Bolt (RJC deep sump oil pans)
RJC 20-S Bolt (stock pans)

Duttweiler 20 Bolt (stock pans) discontinued
Duttweiler 14 Bolt.(RJC 14 bolt deep sump oil pans)
“NEW” RJC-TP Transmission pan gasket
Price; $22.00 each

All pan gaskets are 1/8″ thick heavy duty industrial grade cork, nothing works better!

RJC 20 Bolt SHD  (Super Heavy Duty for RJC deep sump oil pans)
“NEW” pan gasket for RJC Pans now 3/16″ extra thick heavy duty industrial grade cork, nothing works better!
Price; $29.00 each










Front Cover Gasket

Front Cover GasketThis is a high quality Felpro front gasket set that includes a neoprene front main seal as well as oil pump gasket. Please check oil pump end clearance when replacing the oil pump gasket.

Front Cover Gasket Set
Price; $19.00






Vacuum Block Gasket

Vaccum Block Gasket

This goes under the vacuum block at the top of the TB and the TB. This gasket is very hard to find by itself.
#RJC-VBg $5.00




Air Control Gasket

Idle Air Control Gasket

This gasket goes between the T.B. and the IAC. This gasket is very hard to find. #RJC-IACg $5.00





Turbo Oil Drain GasketTurbo Oil Drain

This goes between the Turbo and the turbo oil drain. This must be replace every time you remove your turbo. #RJC-TODg $5.00





Throttle Body Gasket

Throttle Body Gasket

This goes between the plenum T.B. This is a heavy duty .060 thick gasket designed to work with stock and after market 70 mm Throttle Bodies.
Also Available for stock or 70mm Throttle Bodies
#RJC-TBg-S and #RJC-TBg-70 $8.00



Oil Tube GasketOil Pickup Tube

This goes between the oil pickup and the block. You need two of these if you are installing our deep sump oil pan or our RJC engine girdle.





Plenum Gasket


Plenum Gasket
This goes between the plenum and the lower intake manifold.
#RJC-PLg $8.00




Rear Main Gasket

Rear Main Seal
This is the highest quality neoprene rear main seal with rubber end seals that we could find. Felpro brand and works great for sealing up that troublesome rear main. #RJC-RMs$19.00





                    CAT Flange Gasket


This high grade extreme temperature milam gasket

is designed to make a leak proof seal between the test

pipe/catalytic converter and exhaust system at the cat flange.


EGR Milam Gasket

This new gasket is made from the same high quality “Milam” material that our exhaust gaskets are made from. Do it once and do it right!

Price $10

EGR gasket








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