RJC Racing Block Girdle

The girdle below is installed on Jason Cramer’s block, the engineer that designed it. along with his father, Tom have built many girdled motors since this one.. This engine produces over to 700 hp and propels Jason’s GN down the quarter mile in 9.63 @ 146 This is in a full weight, t-top car with all of the accessories and A/C at 3620 lbs. We have customers cars with stock blocks running 8.60s at over 156 mph reliably.

RJC Engine Girdle Install

RJC Engine Girdle

This block girdle was designed with one thing in mind, strength. Made from 3/4″ thick 1018 billet steel plate, flame cut out for rigidity, blanchard ground to ensure flatness then CNC machined to exact tolerance. This girdle is 100% made in USA. It is designed, manufactured, sold and tested in house, by true Turbo Buick enthusiasts. The girdle was specifically designed to allow the back yard mechanic to be able to install it, not just the professional engine builder.

RJC Girdle Pickup ExtentionThis is the billet aluminum pickup tube extension that is included in the kit. It comes with the mounting hardware and two extra gaskets. This eliminates the troublesome task of extending the pickup tube.

Special Sealing WashersThe girdle comes with all of the mounting and installation hardware required. We use ARP® and grade 8 fasteners.

Special Sealing Washers

RJC Girdle Crank ScraperRJC Crank Scraper Option. The New RJC Racing Crank Scraper/Oil Shield. Designed with two purposes in mind.

1. If these girdles leak oil they leak at the seam between the girdle and the pan on the passenger side of the engine. This Billet aluminum Piece shields this seam from any oil spray that is coming off of the crank. This virtually eliminates oil leaks in this area.

2. We extended the horizontal plane of the shield out to the point where it actually acts as a oil scraper. Scraping any reciprocating oil from the crank which in turn reduces drag on the rotating parts therefore increasing HP.

#RJC-231d | 1985-87 20 Bolt Girdle W/O Crank Scraper | Price; $459.00

#RJC-231d | 1985-87 20 Bolt Girdle includes Crank Scraper | Price; $499.00

#RJC-255d | 1984-earlier 4.1 litre & Stage1,14 Bolt Girdle W/O Crank Scraper | Price; $459.00

#RJC-255d | 1984-earlier 4.1 litre & Stage1,14 Bolt Girdle includes Crank Scraper | Price; $499.00

#RJC-CS | Crank scraper billet aluminum fits both Girdles (Separate) (RJC Only) | Price; $65.00

#RJC-DPG | Duttweiler estreme duty cork pan gasket (Highly Recommended) | Price; $22.00

Cordax Measuring MachineHere is the girdle being checked by by one of our Cordax Measuring Machines. This machines accuracy is guaranteed to within 0.00005. (50 millionths) This ensures a perfect fit every time.

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“New and Improved CAT Girdle” A Must Read!

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