ZZDPlus BottlesZDDPlus™ contains the exact concentration (approximately 0.15%) of ZDDP (Zinc DialkylDithioPhosphate) that was available in motor oils under the “SF” category. The motor oils today carry the “SM” category designation.

Today car manufacturers must warranty their catalytic converters for 100,000 miles or more. In order to meet this requirement, oil companies have had to eliminate the ZDDP older muscle cars need to protect their flat-tappet cams. ZDDP is not an issue of concern for modern vehicles with roller rockers. The issue arises with older performance cars with flat-tappet camshafts.

ZDDP has been an important additive in engine oils for over 70 years and has had an excellent track record at protecting the sliding metal-to-metal cam lifter interface. ZPPD protects by creating a film on the cams and flat lifter contact points in response to the extreme pressure and heat at the contact point.

The company behind this project has a huge car collection centered around 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal (Grand Nationals). It was developed to protect these car engines and other classic and performance engines (cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats, etc.)

ZDDPlus™ has been tested and compared to many of the other available additives on the market today by labs specializing in oil testing. If any of the other products contains the proper 0.15%, it would clearly have to indicate on the bottle that it is NOT meant for OBD II cars. Adding the proper amount of ZDDPlus™ to your regular oil or synthetic oil provides you with peace of mind.

While it’s true oil has vastly improved over the years, the amounts of ZDDP required for the older muscle cars has greatly diminished. This concentrate will mix with any oil you are currently using; synthetic or regular. It has a long shelf life, as long as it is stored in its sealed container and temperatures stay under 120 degrees.

Did you know modern oil has changed? After 70+ years of trouble-free, metal-to-metal engine protection, the E.P.A. and car manufacturers are forcing ZDDP (Zinc DialkylDithioPhosphate = zinc and phosphorus) from domestic motor oil because of the warranties on catalytic converters.

If your engine was designed prior to the 1990s, the non-roller lifters (flat-tappet cams) require ZDDP in the motor oil to avoid premature deterioration. Don’t let the lifters run metal-to-metal. Keep ZDDP, via ZDDPlus™, in your car’s motor oil. Add a 4 oz bottle of ZDDPlus™ to every 4- to 5-quart oil change. Just one bottle of ZDDPlus™ bring the current available “SM” oil (synthetic or conventional) back to the “SF” specifications.

ZDDPlus™ eliminates using: Diesel oil with incorrect viscosity or detergent. Racing oils formulated with little or no detergent. Break-in oil supplements for daily driving. There is nothing in ZDDPlus™ that was not originally in motor oil back in 1988 and prior.

Price; $12.00 per bottle

NOTE – ZDDPlus™ MUST be shipped ground UPS. It cannot be shipped air. It cannot be shipped through the post office (USPS).

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