We designed this IC-315-XTF intercooler to rival our Standard IC-325 in performance but offer added weight savings and most importantly added cooling ability of the other   heat exchangers by increasing the airflow across the core.

We have found that the thickness of this core (just aobout 3.15″) is as a perfect size to maintain the coolest charge air temps and allow the most air across the core. This intercooler comes much closer to our goal having as much intercooler as possible and yet still maintain the coolest engine temps. Shown on the left is the “NEW” IC-315-XTF. Our standard IC-325 is shown on the right.












This size of core is ideal for this and is large enough for to handle 750hp (approx 9.80s in the 1/4).  Any car running faster than this should consider our IC-475XTF or even  IC-475-4XTF that literally dwarfs any other intercooler on the market today.

how good does this perform you ask? Well the CAT (Charge Air Temps) of this intercooler come to within 5 deg of the standard IC-325 but weighs only 33# in comparison to the 41# of the IC-325. But here is the key. Because of the increased airflow across the core of the new IC-315-XTF you actually get cooler CATs with back to back runs. This core flows a wopping 53% more air across the core. This translates to much more airflow going across not only the intercooler core but also the A/C condensor core and the radiator. This leads to much cooler temps that rival stock location intercoolers. Our Tests have shown as much as a 20 deg temp difference over our previous designed intercooler. For all out racing the IC-325 and IC-475 can not be beat but for a street driven vehicle there really is not choice. this thing is amazing.


#IC-315-XTF Megacooler
Includes black anodized finish pipes, hoses and clamps.
Price; $1125

#IC-315P-XTF Megacooler
Includes polished mirror finished pipes, hoses and clamps.
Price $1145

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