RJC Racing Downpipes

The 5″ DP and our 3″ are now available with the huge 1 5/8″ puck to control the billet wheel turbos and that both pipes come with band clamps for an easy install.

5″ Downpipe

RJC Racing 5 inch Downpipe



5″ downpipe, Not a misprint! we have developed a 5″ down pipe for the turbo Buicks that will fit with A/C. Nothing on the market even comes close to the performance of this massive work of art. This has an integrated waste gate just like the stock actuator only it is capable of controlling boost in mid 9 second cars. This wastgate configuration will outflow most aftermarket external waste gates.

We were having the hardest time finding a source on an American made 5″ 304 stainless complete pipes. To remedy the problem we have teamed up with DLS and offer to offer you a complete 5″ down pipe. The flange, and test pipe are made in USA by RJC. The Pipe is imported by DLS and added to the kit. This is the first imported part we offer and would not think of offering it if it was poor quality. We fully inspect and check the pipe to ensure proper fitment and ensure the quality you have come to expect when buying RJC products. This is a win win for turbo Buick enthusiast. Please call us for more details on this complete kit with flange with internal waste gate, down pipe and test pipe.

Massive 5 to 4 Inch Downpipe | Price;  $750

RJC Racing 5 inch Downpipe Install

RJC Racing 5 inch Downpipe Install

Also available we have this down pipe kit that will include all of the exotic parts needed to construct a complete version. Most of RJC customers buy this kit, bolt it on and take it to their local muffler shop to complete the install. Because of the after market diesel performance, mandrel bent reducers and pipe are readily available in sizes up to 6″. pluming this in is a snap for them. You can easily be into one of these for cheaper than buying a 3.5″ down pipe. This thing is so huge a pop can will actually fit inside it sideways!!

RJC Racing Downpipe Kit

5″ DP flange/elbow 304 stainless flange:

The 5″ down pipe kit comes with: Weld flange, Elbow, Wastegate flange with integral waste gate puck, and V-Band. Basically everything you see in the above left picture. The elbow pipe is mild steel all waste gate parts, flanges and the V-Band are STAINLESS steel.

Price: elbow discontinued

Note: Our 100% billet USA made Wastegate flange (made here at RJC Racing) is an industry exclusive. no other Buick parts Distributor offers this. CNC machined from a solid billet piece of steel. Quality is second to none. you wont be disappointed.

3 Inch Downpipes

Utilizing 304 Stainless Steel 3″ OD mandrel bent tubing. This pipe has been specifically designed for use on 1986-1987 Buick V6 Turbo engines, when running Stock OEM, aftermarket Poston, Houston or T/A headers. This downpipe is currently the only downpipe on the market that was specifically designed to clear and match perfectly turbos that are equipped with the GTQ turbine wheel. Previous downpipes in the past have a lip that hangs over into the exhaust stream and causes extreme turbulence and back pressure issues, which would require the end user to grind and port the flange when running a GTQ equipped turbocharger. Not anymore!

3 Inch Downpipe

Our downpipe was designed to be the highest flowing 3″ downpipe on the market, with very close attention to detail in fitment and quality. The pipe kit is available with a matching 3″ dump pipe with block off cap, or 3″ test pipe (just a straight though pipe with no cut out). If quality is important to you then you will be very impressed with this pipe.

3 inch Dump PipesThe craftsmenship is simply awesome.
Please look closely at these
detailed pictures on the left.

100% American made 3 inch Downpipes
Note: Dump and test pipes included in the kit is for Off Road Use Only
3″ Down Pipe with giant 1 5/8″ puck, pipe only $489
3″ Down Pipe with giant 1 5/8″ puck, with test pipe $529
3″Down Pipe with giant 1 5/8″ puck, with dump pipe $564

Just the 3″ test pipe sold seperately $65
Just the 3″ dump pipe sold seperately $100

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