GSXR 750 vs RJC Racing

There were these kids at the local car show on their crotch rockets tooting their horn about how fast their bikes were. I mentioned to a friend of mine how i would like to race them if they were game. They were laughing that a car wanted to race a bullet bike. at one time during the day a group of teenaged girls walked by, they were snickering and laughing to each other how that is the black car that wants to race her boyfriends bike. I just looked the other way and let them have their fun. The guy with the fastest bike of the group asked me “why do you want to race us, My bike runs 9.5 in the quarter. I looked up the specs on the internet, there is no way you can compete .” I told them i was just curious to see how fast they were. A couple months went by and yesterday I finally caught up with them at an old local desolate road to see if they would play. There were two bikes there an Yamaha R6 which is a 600 and a GSXR 750 that was brand new and fuel injected, he “had it all fixed up” he said. It was the fastest one and he claimed it ran 9.5 in the quarter. They had a group of people there with them including the snickering girlfriends. The first race was with the R6. It is the slower of the two. I knew if I raced the faster Bike first then I would only have one race.

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  1. eric bowler
    9 years ago

    man i liked that video i have a 89 tta im trying to get it to run like yours

  2. christopher carey
    9 years ago

    i laughed so hard cause a full weight buick just killed the crotch rocket haha

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