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  1. racejace
    11 years ago

    4″ MAX-FLO exhaust

    just thought i should mention it, i’m very pleased with the 4″ exhaust
    system. the construction & fit are good and the installation was
    pretty straight forward, at least as far as trying to fit such a
    humongous pipe along side the driveshaft tunnel, and up over the axle
    and not interfere with the upr control arm, coil spring, etc.

    for a 4″ straight-through pipe, it’s also pretty mellow-sounding. i’m
    so glad it doesn’t sound like my flowmasters on my other cars.

    i did make some adaptations of my own, adding a band clamp behind the
    muffler to facilitate disassembly, and the support rod went to the
    muffler outlet pipe, instead of the tail pipe (to allow tailpipe
    disassembly). also, used one of your 4″ cat conv flanges to fab up a
    hanger bracket at the front instead of using the 2-bolt tab.

    i have the hotchkis bracket that ties the upr control arm mtg point to
    the lower control arm front bolt. that interfered with the muffler
    location, so had to move it inboard a little bit.

    the whole system is sure mounted solid, no movement or wiggling.

    one thing that caught me off guard, of course in hindsight…, was
    that the 4″ hole at the cat conv flange extends outside of the stock
    cat conv flange, so had to fab a temp adapter plate until i get my
    test pipe modified. minor.

    thanks again,

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